Calgary Booster Club

Bob Freeze Sport Grants

About the Grant

Bob was the President of the Booster Club 1959 and 1960. He was named the Sportsman of the Year 1965. His lifelong passion and enduring legacy was his commitment to promote and develop grass roots sports. He passed away in 2011. In recognition of his support of youth athletes, the Calgary Booster Club will provide awards to youth athletes up to the age of 16 years old. In addition, the Calgary Booster Club will choose one organization each year and will provide financial support. The requirements for the individual and organizational awards are listed below.


Requirements for Individual Application:

- Calgary resident, or training within the city of Calgary
- 16 years old or younger
- Demonstrated success in a sport, that has at least a provincial and national competition structure
- Financial need will be taken into consideration
- Bob Freeze sport grants will be awarded to an individual only once within a calendar year (January to December)
- All applications must be completely submitted, which includes the application form, letter from coach and letter from parent. Applications without this information will not be accepted.

Requirements for Organization Application:

- The Calgary Booster Club will accept applications from organizations who are providing an initiative that supports youth athletes on a far-reaching basis. Ideally, this initiative would be multi-sport.
- The organization must be based in Calgary
- The Calgary Booster Club will select up to three organizations to present to the Directors. One organization will be selected for the award.