Bob Freeze Sport Grants


Your application's access key is CBC-mXx. Please write down your access key and save the following link. The following link will allow you to continue or share your application.

Please ensure every field is filled. If the field does not apply, then fill it with "N/A".


Individual's Photo

Photos of individual that will be used if selected for announcement and our award dinner.

Photo in Uniform

Individual's Results

Include the event, date, and placing.


Parent's Letter

A letter from the parent addressing the impact that this grant would have on the individual's athletic performance. Stating how the funds would be used.

Letter (PDF)

By submitting a letter, you agree that you are a parent or guardian of the applying individual and consent to the Calgary Booster Club collecting and publishing personal information as a recipient of the Bob Freeze Sport Grant. Specifically, you authorize and consent the Calgary Booster Club to producing, marketing or publishing the name, age, sport, organizational affiliation and photograph/image on their website, electronic bulletin, boards, brochures or other marketing or informational materials of their choosing.


Coach's Letter

A letter from the coach addressing the individual's work ethic, attitude, performance, athletic ability, and effort.

Letter (PDF)

Financial Need

In order to continue training do you feel that there may be a financial hardship on this athlete and/or family. If yes, please rank on a scale of 1 to 10.

Parent/Athlete Declaration of Financial Need

Does the club/organization subsidize travel?

If yes, on average, how much per year.


That's everything. Please be sure to save before you apply.

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