Calgary Booster Club

Vote for Your Athlete of the Year

Polling Closed


The Calgary Booster Club is asking the public to participate in the selection of the Calgary Booster Club Athlete of the Year (Male and Female) by voting online this year. Over the past years, the selection was made by the Calgary Media and the Directors of the Club. We look forward to including the public's choice in this selection process.

The Calgary Booster Club would like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the polls to help select the next Athletes of the Year.

Scott-Mamini Award - Male

Henry Viney Trophy - Female



Steve Claggett (63338 Votes)
Bo Levi Mitchell (56475 Votes)
Stefan Daniel (30107 Votes)
Akeem Hayes (15631 Votes)
Brady Leman (2358 Votes)
Alister McQueen (2235 Votes)
Kevin Koe (997 Votes)


Kaillie Humphries (2819 Votes)
Elisabeth Vathje (1904 Votes)
Erica Wiebe (1840 Votes)
Allison Beveridge (624 Votes)